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Daily Prayers for Evangelical Believers
December 17
by Ed Vasicek

Heavenly King,

When Jesus was worshipped by the Magi, they bowed down before Him. They did not merely show respect to Him, but the text says they worshipped Him (Matthew 2:11). They recognized Him as God in the flesh, for the Scripture says, "You shall worship the Lord Your God and serve Him only" (Matthew 4:10).

Their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh would provide for the family when they had to flee to Egypt because of Herod's persecution. Although these gifts were rich in symbolical value, they were also practical and needed.

Thank You, Lord, that You are the God of Reality. Sometimes others look at us as though we were escaping reality by believing in You. But, Lord, You are the God of real life. You paint a realistic picture of mankind: marred by sin but also capable of good (because of Your image in them, tainted as it is). This world is under a curse and so it is. Even our ability to reason is affected by our sinful predisposition, so that all sorts of wrongs are rationalized and justified.

And, Lord, You know we need our daily bread. We are vulnerable human beings. We are vulnerable physically, relationally, emotionally and spiritually. Thank You that as we hold Your hand, You help us go on with confidence. I ask You to meet my needs, O Lord.

Lord, I have some disappointments and burdens in life. A few of them hurt me and have left scars including: __________. I turn them over to You. Help me to find Your purpose and joy in life. There are many things I cannot change, but I can share all my thoughts with You. Thank You that You do not stifle me or pressure me to "get over it." You are not in a hurry and You can hear my recitations of woe over and over again. You are a God Who feels with me. But, Lord, You are also the God of victory. Help me get to a point where I am ready to move on.

Father, I pray for our president, governor, federal and local senators and representatives, and judges of all kinds. Help them to do what is right, to seek You and to please You.

Today I remember the nation of Djibouti. It is a dry and impoverished land and this is even truer in the spiritual realm where only one-tenth of one percent claims to be born-again evangelicals. Thank You that even though Muslims make up 91% of the population there is a relative level of religious freedom. Lord, please see to it that this continues. We pray that the Bible-oriented churches would grow fifty times over the next decade. Create a hunger in this land for You.

I thank You for the ministry of the Gideons as they distribute tens of millions of Bibles every year free-of-charge throughout the world. Thank You that they supply hotels, military personnel and students among others with the Word of God.

I ask Your blessing and guidance today. Like the psalmist, may I look to You as my Light and Salvation (Psalm 27:1). I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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