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Sunday Morning Pastoral Prayers:
Prayer #1
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Gracious God,

We are awestruck by You. All created things had a beginning, but You are uncreated; there has never been a time before You were. You created time and are not restricted by it. You are self-sufficient. You do not need us, but You enjoy us and love us. But we need You, for apart from a relationship to You, existence has no enduring meaning.

Father, we thank You for Your Word which lights our path. Although we can find pieces of truth here and there, only Your Word is breathed by You. And so our Bibles are the only infallible source of truth. Help us, O Lord, to cherish and study it so that we might know You better and serve You in both knowledge and zeal.

Lord, we value the many people who enrich our lives. We especially remember those who serve our government at a state level. We pray for our governor, our state senators and representatives, and our state judicial system. We pray for the leaders and workers who serve within our state’s agencies. Help them to pass laws that meet with your approval, and help them wisely and properly administer those laws. We pray that we might be at peace with them, and that you would guide and bless their work and their families.

Our church family includes many individual families. And All-Knowing One, we know that You know how stressful some of our family situations are. We pray that You would shower grace, blessing, guidance, and wisdom to our families. We ask that You would help them stay in tact; help the relationships within them to be nurturing, positive, and godly.

Our God, we are mindful of our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering persecution. Many are suffering because of oppressive Islamic governments; others are victims of left-wing societies. We pray that the persecution might stop, that the persecutors would be won to faith in Jesus, and that the believers would be given supernatural wisdom so as to circumvent persecution when possible. Help them to be strong in You.

Closer to home, Lord, we know people who need Christ. Use us to reach out to the lost, and may our church be used of you to bring in some of the harvest, for the fields are white.

Minister, we pray, to our personal needs, including spiritual needs, health needs, relational needs, financial needs, or a host of other needs. We thank You that care about the details of our lives, and we thank You that we can trust You in times both good and bad.

And so Lord, it is with confidence that You have heard us which makes us want to pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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