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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Personal Devotions

Praise for Life
by Ed Vasicek

Yahweh, LORD of the universe, how I praise you for giving me breath and another day of life. Your gift of life is taken for granted by us all, and it is only during those rare, thankful moments that we appreciate the privilege of being alive, the privilege of being human. So often we use our humanity as an excuse, not as grounds for praise. I praise you for making me "me."  Though part of my nature is sinful, I am still in your image. And, because of my salvation, I am the dwelling place for your Spirit. Thank you for my humanity.  Thank you for my senses. Thank you I can enjoy culture, art, music, and the beauty of the flowers and trees.

Father, I likewise praise you for giving me friends and family. This is a lonely world, and ultimately I remember that it can never, in some ways, be more than you and I. No one else can enter into my very soul, know my every feeling, and be with me wherever I go, whatever circumstances surround me. But I thank you for those who empathize with me, who love me as family or friend, who pray for my best interest. And thank you that I am not merely on the receiving end, for your Son said, "It is more blessed to give than to receive."  Thank you for the people I love. Thank you that often my love for others and their love for me is mutual. And thank you for those I love in the name of Jesus who may choose not to return my love. Thank you that you see and will reward me in glory.

I bless your name for you have placed me in a free land. Though our society is corrupt in many ways, it also provides my loved ones and me with a degree of comfort, safety, and freedom. Thank you for my country. Please guide our leaders, legislators, and public servants. Please renew our family units that we may begin to reassemble the pieces of our fragmented society. Stem the divorce tide, help the single parents, and especially help the empty and devastated children of divorced and unstable families. Lord, your Word tells us that you have a special love for the children. Surely your heart is broken.

O Lord, our Lord, encourage me, strengthen me, motivate me. Constantly fill me with your Spirit. Help me see how I grieve and limit him and give me the resolve to refuse to continue grieving the Divine Comforter.

Father, graciously bless those who truly serve you in ministry. Encourage the demoralized pastors and keep them from experiencing burnout. Help them to say no to the many demands made upon them so they might have time and energy to say yes to your perfect will. Convict them if they seek to please people rather than to freely follow you. Help them be slaves of Jesus Christ and not slaves to those who reward or punish with their words or attitudes. Give spiritual fruit and material provision to those who truly share the Gospel and have crossed cultures to do so. Provide protection for them, and guide them as they seek to rear families in unfamiliar environments. Remind us, through your Spirit, to support those who have perhaps the highest of all callings—the call to missions.

Great God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, help me submit myself to you.  Show me the ugliness of my sin. Help me see how I come across to others, and, because of my love for others, help me care how I am viewed. May I not be less than authentic, but help me balance my authenticity with sensitivity.

Thank you that you will be at work in us till you call us to glory. For we pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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