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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Specific Events

Kokomo Tragic Shooting Prayer
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Lord,

Our community is generally a safe community. If we exercise reason, we can walk our streets safely and with confidence over 99.99% of the time. Crime is everywhere in our country and in the world; we cannot deny its threat. It always has been. At a time like this, Lord, the reality of rare but tragic events grip our hearts.

We ask Your grace, mercy, and healing for the victims of the horrible shootings that took place within an infamous 24-hour period. We pray that You would physically heal the survivors and help them to recover both physically and emotionally. Those who have lost loved ones have aches within their hearts that we cannot fill; only You can help them grope along in these dark times. Strengthen, comfort, enable, and help them by Your grace.

Lord, many people have been traumatized because they witnessed these shootings or the aftermath of them. Even librarians and children felt the fear and uncertainty of the time. We thank you that no children were harmed in these tragic shootings. Others were tightly closed into their homes with all doors bolted, some hearing the gunshots. Many of us heard siren after siren, making us worry about the wellbeing of our community.

Father, our police officers are human beings, and so are our city officials and security personnel. Because they fulfill a function does not make them mere functionaries; they were sickened, stretched, and stressed as they experienced challenges beyond the normal crimes they encounter. Being paid to do a job does not somehow make us something other than human.

Father, many people in Kokomo are now experiencing sleepless nights and symptoms of grief, loss, stress, fear, and emotional trauma. The foundations of our city have been shaken. We need Your help to once again gain our bearings and live with confidence.

Lord, we know that this criminal spree is not the initiation of a new era of violence. Violent crime has been declining for years, and we praise You for that. Still, if that occasional crime affects us or someone we love--or if much of it happens at once, as it did on that day--we are shaken and prone to panic and overreact. Help us to temper this tragic day by balancing it with the years that preceded it and those that will follow. Help us react in a balanced and sane way.

Our great God, we know that You are holy and that sins mars the human heart. Change us within so that sin does not become master over us. Help us not to fear, but to remember that You sit as Sovereign over the universe. And, for those who are grieving, thank You for the promise of eternal life.  We pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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