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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Personal Devotions

How Sweet the Name
by Ed Vasicek

Yahweh, God, how sweet the name of Jesus sounds! His name is the ultimate proof of your love for us. Although life is not fair, you, O Sovereign One, are always just. When we confuse events that you allow with your disposition toward us, we sometimes find it difficult to trust that you indeed are a God who loves his own. Then we see your love at Calvary and we realize that your love was proven to us. The purchase price you paid for us was great: you sent your Son as the propitiation for our sins.

But Father, our hearts are drawn to our brothers and sisters in Christ who are persecuted throughout the world. They are no less spiritual than we.  No, often quite the contrary. But for reasons unknown to us, you have placed them in positions where they must pay a high price for their faith in Jesus. We pray, Lord, that persecution would ease. You use persecution to purify the church, but you do not rejoice in injustice, and certainly the persecution of your saints is unjust. Do not let Satan gloat over the suffering of your chosen. So, for your name's sake, we request you to reduce the suffering of your servants while strengthening each one in the inner man.

Speaking of the inner man, Father, my inner man could use some strengthening.  The more I grow in you, the more I realize the meager distance I have come in proportion to where I will be when I see Jesus. I look forward to being like him when I see him as he is. Right now, your Holy Spirit is working to conform me, little by little, to the image of your blessed Son. May I not fight him, but rather may I nurture the work he is doing in me.

Guide me, Father, in all my relationships. I am grateful that I am me.  Although I sometimes bemoan my limitations or covet the abilities of others, I know you have made me as I am to glorify you. Help the new me, the me minus sin, to dominate my life. Develop my personality, use my gifts, and help me to be a thoroughly Christian man, devoted first and foremost to you. May my faith influence all my relationships. May I bring joy and encouragement, character and freedom, and a pleasant disposition to others. May I glorify you by becoming an oasis of spiritual and emotional refreshment to all, saved or lost. And may my joy attract others to you. Indeed, show me those whom your Spirit is preparing, and may I be privileged to lead many to Jesus during my earthly pilgrimage.

Help those who are downtrodden and less fortunate than myself. May I make some impact in at least a few people during my lifetime, helping them find you and consistently live for you. May I also extend a hand of mercy to those truly in need of mercy. May I be labeled a "good and faithful servant" before the judgment seat of Christ.

Help my children not only to know you, but to serve you faithfully and passionately. I request that you send angels to guard and protect my entire family. Should you tarry and so bless my posterity, may my descendents to the tenth generation glorify the name of Jesus. May they know you well and serve you wholeheartedly.

My wife is surely my other half, for the two of us are one. Assist her in her spiritual pilgrimage. Thank you for providing me with a wife who is a spiritual pillar in my life and in the lives of our children. May my Christianity be strongest with her. May I be a source of praise to you in her eyes, never a stumbling block. May I lead her and the children with a servant's heart, not a tyrant's demands. Together, help us seek your face and be ever traveling forward on the road called "spiritual maturity."

Indeed, Lord, you have been faithful and good. I bless your name. I offer this prayer to you in the name of the Anointed One, Jesus Christ the Lord, Amen.

Pastor Ed

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