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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Specific Events

A Christian Wedding
by Ed Vasicek

Dear Father,

You are certainly a God of grace and compassion. When we see the beauty of love between a man and his bride or a woman and her husband, we recognize this is truly a gift from You. Human love is a reflection of your greater love, and the love that commits for a lifetime is even closer to Your faithful loving kindness.

As these two come now to be melded together into a new unity, we know, Lord, that they will not and should not completely discard their individual identities. They need Your grace to guide and enable them to fulfill the lofty vows of this ceremony, especially when they do not see things the same way. They need your Spirit to put their commitment to practical work in the daily grind of life after the honeymoon.

We pray that you would help this couple to be humble before You—and before one another. Help them to avoid the impossible trap of trying to jostle for influence. Help them to remember their own faults and their own sins with vivid clarity, but to be absent-minded and hazy when they try to recall the wrongs done by their partner. Dissipate pride, and remind them that it is vain to try to change one's spouse; one can only change one's self, and even that by Your grace and with great difficulty. May this couple be co-operative, meeting one another half-way, exemplifying the art of compromise.

We pray that You would grace their days with blessings, health, prosperity, and a sense of camaraderie. May an attitude of team-work replace any tendencies toward competition. Father, like the Lord Jesus Christ, help them to look out not only for their own interests, but also for the interests of others. Let this attitude begin at home and, though it may extend beyond the home, may it never leave the home. As they form a new family unit, may they guard their marriage and enjoy one another, but may they make friends and connect to others in their church and in their community. May they not hide their light under a bushel, but may they contribute toward influencing their world for the Kingdom of God. May others see their marriage and be drawn to the Sovereign of their marriage, the Lord Jesus Christ.

As stresses conspire to pull this couple apart, may they look to You to help draw them back together. May the storms of life bind them together in greater unity. May they celebrate the simple pleasures of life together and enjoy life in both a full way and a godly way. Bless them with a richness and quality of depth that testifies to Your grace.

We pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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Pastor Ed

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