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Prayers for Evangelical Believers:
Specific Events

A Christian Wedding Prayer 2
by Ed Vasicek

Great God and Father,

Marriage is such a special union. A couple commit to one another for a lifetime of support. They promise to be there for one another, to pool all their resources, to trust one another and to be vulnerable to one another. They vow to be together as constant companions, to enjoy life together, and to be able to plan for the long term, as a couple joined by You and recognized by society as a special unit, one not to be tampered with.

There are not other relationships or contracts like the marriage covenant. In marriage, we abandon our independence for a new interdependence. We can become close and interwoven. We know that we will be there through times good and bad.

Father, You certainly knew what You were doing when You instituted marriage. By this joining together, with all the obligations involved, we can be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. We know that someone will be there in the evening, waiting for us; we know someone will be saving our seat or making reservations for two.

Lord of All, we pray that this is the sort of marriage the couple before us will experience. We know it will be imperfect, and we know all marriages have their stormy times. But we pray that each would lean upon You, know You, and find strength to weather the storms as well as the determination to bask in the sunlight. Help both man and wife to aim for the long term health of this marriage, the big picture. Help them make decisions or address conflict with a view toward the long term.

Till death do us part could be a long time. We pray that this marriage would get better year by year. Help this union to mature and to be a light for others.

Help this couple to seek You first, so that You may graciously bless them. Help them bring Christ into the marriage as Counselor, Guide, and Sovereign Lord, we pray, in the Name of Our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

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Pastor Ed

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