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  ∑ Boone and Julie Aldridge
  ∑ Doug and Sherri Anderson
  ∑ Mary Lee Cummings
  ∑ Matt and Janet Dawson
  ∑ Rick and Mary Glover
  ∑ Larry and Bonnie Habegger
  ∑ Ruth Jordan
  ∑ Bruce and Joyce Moore
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  ∑ The 10 Commandments and Prayer in the Public Arena
  ∑ Apologetics and You
  ∑ Challenging Questions
  ∑ Discoveries
  ∑ A Few Hot-Potato Questions
  ∑ A Ghost of A Chance
  ∑ Questioning What Faith?
  ∑ Tools for Warfare: Understanding Cults and Religions

Church Life, Outreach, Missions
  ∑ Church Size Makes a Difference
  ∑ A Church With A Mission
  ∑ The Church's Changing Role
  ∑ Displacement at Large
  ∑ Duplicity and Integrity in the Body
  ∑ Entering the Middle Ages...Again
  ∑ God's Elite
  ∑ Men of God, Not Just Persons of God: A Taste of Our Men's Meetings
  ∑ An Ounce of Prevention...
  ∑ Passion or Conviction? God's Real Presence or Group Psychology?
  ∑ Peace and Harmony
  ∑ Radical Biblical Christianity
  ∑ Sharing: A Truly Radical Idea
  ∑ Sorting Out Giving
  ∑ Sunday School or "Is There Life Before the 10:30 Service?"
  ∑ Things We Can Only Do Now
  ∑ Using the Bible or Teaching the Bible?
  ∑ What's Going On "Out There?"
  ∑ When the Means Become the Ends
  ∑ Why Send Out Missionaries When There Are Needs Here?

Ethics, Morals, Behavior
  ∑ Controlling the Control Bug
  ∑ Death to Television, Death to Isolation
  ∑ The Demise of the Pretend Evangelical Culture
  ∑ Different Kinds of Love
  ∑ Gambling: Right or Wrong?
  ∑ Goodwill
  ∑ Honest Christianity
  ∑ How Are Your Percentages?
  ∑ The Impatience Slide
  ∑ Informal Thoughts on Jealousy
  ∑ Of Course Christians Should Have Fun
  ∑ The Package Deal
  ∑ The Power of An Anti-Example
  ∑ The Pride Battle
  ∑ Should Christians Make Judgments?
  ∑ Sins of Omission
  ∑ Strengthening A Church Through Hospitality
  ∑ Vulgarity and the Christian

Family, Marriage, Counsel
  ∑ Converting Spring Malaise Into Humility
  ∑ Deceitful Heart Syndrome
  ∑ Divorce and Remarriage
  ∑ Parenting and The Discipline Continuum
  ∑ Parenting Teens
  ∑ The Power of Permission
  ∑ Temperament Theory
  ∑ Though April Showers May Come Your Way
  ∑ Today's Youth: New and Improved
  ∑ Why Liking Is Better Than Loving

Spiritual Growth, Devotional
  ∑ Consulting God
  ∑ Conviction and the Mind
  ∑ Finding That Elusive Will of God
  ∑ Has Warren Whet Your Appetite to Read?
  ∑ If We Love God, Will We Want to Know Him?
  ∑ Room Temperature
  ∑ Worshiping God and Growing Through Prayer
Biblical/Doctrinal Studies   The Body Builder
Are All Sins Alike
Can a TRULY Saved Person Become Unsaved?
Did Jesus Preach Topically?
Did the Aaronic Priesthood Begin Before The Law? (Exodus 19:22, 18:18-20, 15:25)
Disasters, Calamities and Evil in the World: Is God Asleep at the Switch?
Do You Really Understand the Trinity?
Does 2 Peter 1:3-4 Teach That the Only Source for Counseling Truth Is Scripture? And Why I Think Nouthetic Counseling Misses the Mark
Eternal Security in Light of 1 and 2 John
Faith and God's Glory
The Forgiveness Controversy
The God of Disasters
Government, Right and Wrong, and the Justice of God
∑ The Heart of the Gospel: Propitiation and Romans 3:24-26
  ∑ Part I
  ∑ Part II
  ∑ Part III
  ∑ Part IV
A Hermeneutical Procedure To Best Interpret The Sermon on the Mount
How Ancient Biblical Judaism Keeps Us on Track
Interpreting the Sermon on the Mount: Special Considerations
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? also via PDF (5.88 MB)
Jesus and Women
The Judgment Seat of Christ: More Than Words in a Creed
Making Sense of Philippians 3:1-3
Parameter Fulfillment: A Newly-Defined Interpretational Principle
Paul's Reliance on Psalm 2 and "The Apostasy"
A Perspective on the Holy Spirit
The Phenomenon of Double Fulfillment
The Pleasure of Bible Study
PrayersóDescriptions and Prescriptions
Progressive Dispensationalism: Old Testament Types and Prophetic Certainties
Quarantining Verses
Stuff You Don't Hear Just Anywhere
Trends in Theology and Your Pastor
Trinity: What the Early Church Believed
Walking That Extra Mile: A Slightly Different Twist on Matthew 5:38-48
Water Baptism and You: The Basics
∑ What About Mary?
  ∑ Part I - What We Don't Believe
  ∑ Part II - Bearing the Messiah
  ∑ Part III - Mothering the Messiah
  ∑ Part IV - Finale: Mary's Challenges
Why Did the Messiah Have to Be Deity?
Why No Mention of Dan in Revelation 7?
The Worship Scandal
A Yellow Ribbon or a Scarlet Chord or Both
Zechariah's Prophecy: Chiasmus in Luke 1:67-80

Desert of Discipline Series: Wandering in Exodus and Numbers
  ∑ Promotional flyer via PDF (288 KB) or HTML
  ∑ Pastor Ed's Speculative Timeline
  ∑ The Egyptian Incubator (Genesis 37-50)
  ∑ Joseph, the Grand Vizier (Genesis 41)
  ∑ The Basket That Changed History (Exodus 1:1-2:10)
  ∑ Moses' First Forty Years: Certainties and Theories (Exodus 2:11-15, Acts 7:20-29, Hebrews 11:24-26)
  ∑ Meet Jethro (Exodus 2:15b-25)
  ∑ Take Your Shoes Off! (Exodus 3:1-4:16)
  ∑ The Return Ticket (Exodus 4:18-31)
  ∑ When Failure is A Step Toward Success (Exodus 5:1-7:13)
  ∑ Yahweh Takes On the Gods of Egypt (Exodus 7:14-8:32)
  ∑ The Religious But Hard-Hearted (Exodus 8:20-9:12)
  ∑ Godís Purpose in the Plagues: To Glorify Himself (Exodus 9:8-9:35)

Focus on Jesus Series
  ∑ Preface
  ∑ Introduction
  ∑ Obstacles to Good Interpretation
  ∑ Zechariah the Priest and Father of John the Baptist
  ∑ The Virgin Birth: Its Importance
  ∑ The Date of Christís Birth
  ∑ The Star, the Magi and the Assumptions That Blind Us
  ∑ Jewish Rites of Passage
  ∑ Jesus from Four Angles: Introduction to the Gospels
  ∑ Basic "Facts" Regarding Christ's Ministry
  ∑ Johnís Baptism
  ∑ Of Figs and Family
  ∑ Jesus Throwing Over the Tables
  ∑ Nicodemus, A Teacher of the Jews Who Should Have Known About the New Birth
  ∑ The Samaritans: "The Disenfranchised Jews"
  ∑ The Synagogue and An Incomplete Verse: Additional Thoughts on Luke 4:14ff
  ∑ The Calling of the Disciples
  ∑ Demons and the Gospels
  ∑ Jesus and Praying in Quiet Places
  ∑ Forgiveness, Sin and Sickness
  ∑ Tax Collectors and Sinners
  ∑ The Sabbath Day
  ∑ The Believer's Relationship to the Law
  ∑ Giving, Prayer and Fasting
  ∑ Some Thoughts on the Christian and Money
  ∑ The Security of Money
  ∑ The Doubt of John the Baptist
  ∑ Foot-washing, Kisses and Oil
  ∑ After Three Days or ON the Third Day?
  ∑ Thoughts About the Parables
  ∑ Of Pigs and Cities
  ∑ The Synagogue System and Early Christianity
  ∑ The Multiplying of the Loaves and Fishes
  ∑ Gentiles Blessed With Crumbs
  ∑ Dedicated Fathers: The Norm in Israel
  ∑ Peterís Special Role
  ∑ Biblical Confrontation and Matthew 18:15-19
  ∑ Additional Thoughts on the Good Samaritan Parable
  ∑ Discipleship in the New Testament
  ∑ The Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son
  ∑ The O'Heart Factor
  ∑ Chutzpah in Prayer
  ∑ The Kingdom of God
  ∑ The Grand Finale: Christ's Final Pre-Resurrection Week on Earth
  ∑ Major Players in the World of First-Century Judaism
  ∑ Jesus on the Offense
  ∑ The Olivet Discourse
  ∑ A Woman Who Knew How to Listen
  ∑ Foot-washing Not An Ordinance: A Position Paper
  ∑ The Lord's Supper and Passover
  ∑ Table Talk in the Upper Room
  ∑ John 14 and Ancient Wedding Customs
  ∑ Thoughts About The True Vine
  ∑ Gethsemane and the Cup of Wrath
  ∑ Inside Connections and the Jewish Trial of Jesus
  ∑ Pilate: A Friend to Caesar or Not?
  ∑ Incidents and Unclear Passages Regarding the Via Dolorosa
  ∑ The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
  ∑ The Veil and the Veiled
  ∑ The Burial of Jesus Christ
  ∑ What Did Christ Do Between Death and Resurrection?
  ∑ The Sequence of the Events After the Resurrection of Christ
  ∑ Doubting Thomas and the Audacious Claim of the Resurrection
  ∑ Peter's Restoration
  ∑ Bibliography of Most Material Quoted or Alluded to in the Jesus Series Notes

The Origin of the Bible Series
  ∑ Part I: Introduction to the Canon
  ∑ Part II: The Torah
  ∑ Part III: The Prophets and Writings
  ∑ Part IV: The New Testament Canon
  ∑ Part V: Manuscript Differences and Wrap-up
  In-house newsletter via PDF files.
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Church and Leadership   In the News
Board Meeting Protocol
Boredom Relief
The Centrality of God in Youth Discipleship
The Fluidity of Pastoral Influence
Hospital Visitation: The Ins and Outs includes Appendix: Anointing with Oil and Taking Communion
Policy Manual (DRAFT. HPC church officers only - password required. 636 KB PDF.)
The Primacy of Parents in Youth Discipleship
Sample Wedding with Sand Ceremony
The Sermon Preparation Revolution
Service Detail Director Job Description
Sunday Morning Participation Request
What Does It Mean for a Man To Lead?
  ∑ Topics in this section include The DaVinci Code, James Cameron's "The Lost Tomb of Christ," the James Ossuary, and resources for those needing financial direction.
Kids' Corner   Prayers
Awana Calendar
  ∑ Printable Version
  Daily Prayers
There is one for every day of the year. Try 'em, you'll like 'em.

Personal Devotions
  ∑ Compassion and Truth
  ∑ Confession and Cleansing
  ∑ Contending with Depression
  ∑ Families and Community Services
  ∑ How Sweet the Name
  ∑ In Disappointment
  ∑ Lord of All
  ∑ The Persecuted Church
  ∑ Praise for Life
  ∑ Spiritual Growth
  ∑ Spiritual Warfare
  ∑ When Worry Grips My Heart

Prayer Links

Specific Events
  ∑ Asking For Godís Healing Touch Upon Me
  ∑ AWANA Sunday
  ∑ Bedtime Prayers for Busy, Blitzed Parents
  ∑ Before Meals or Grace
  ∑ A Christian Undergoing Treatment in a Mental Health Services Facility
  ∑ A Christian Wedding
  ∑ A Christian Wedding 2
  ∑ A Christian Wedding 3 (for dedicated Christians)
  ∑ Dedication for a New Home
  ∑ Eagle Scout Ceremony
   ∑ Opening
   ∑ Benediction
  ∑ Election Time
  ∑ For a Christian Candidate Running for Elected Office
  ∑ For America's Economic Uncertainties
  ∑ For Delphi Employees Who Have Lost Their Jobs
  ∑ For One Whose Spouse Has Had an Affair When the Offender Seems Repentant
  ∑ For Our President Occasioned by Hurricane Katrina
  ∑ For the Families of Victims of the Connecticut Shootings
  ∑ For the Salvation of a Friend, Acquaintance, or Relative
  ∑ For the Well-being of Delphi Corporation
  ∑ For Those Recovering from an Affair
  ∑ For Those Who Have Lost A Child
  ∑ Grief for a Soldier Killed in Battle
  ∑ Homeschooling Graduation Ceremony
  ∑ In Light of the Virginia Tech Tragedy
  ∑ Kokomo Tragic Shooting Prayer
  ∑ A Nation at War
  ∑ The New Millennium
  ∑ New Year's or New Year's Eve
  ∑ New Year's #2
  ∑ Opening the Indiana State Senate on February 12, 2004
  ∑ Overcoming Domestic Violence
  ∑ Safety from Terrorism and for the Defeat of Terrorism
  ∑ Serving in Enemy Territory
  ∑ Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
  ∑ Survivors of Hurricane Sandy
  ∑ Victims of Disaster and Relief Teams
  ∑ A Wedding Involving a Blended Family
  ∑ When Dad Has Been Called Up from the Reserves to Active Duty in the Military

Sunday Morning Pastoral Prayers
  ∑ Prayer #1
  ∑ Prayer #2
  ∑ Prayer #3
  ∑ Prayer #4
  ∑ Prayer #5
  ∑ Prayer #6
  ∑ Prayer #7
  ∑ Prayer #8
  ∑ Prayer #9
  ∑ Prayer #10
  ∑ Prayer #11

Sermon Outlines   Sermons
Forgiveness Is Conditional
The Immutability of God
∑ See also Pastor Ed's Sermon Central
  Sermon Videos
Checkout Pastor Ed's weekly sermon videos starting with March 2011.

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