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Biblical/Doctrinal Studies:
Focus on Jesus Series

Jesus from Four Angles: Introduction to the Gospels
by Ed Vasicek

Main Thought: The four Gospels were written by four different men with four different slants. Each of the four emphasize an aspect of Jesus' personality, the well-rounded God-man, the Savior of all mankind.

  1. Matthew Presents Jesus As the True Messiah: A     THINKER     Who Valued Truth and Integrity.
    1. Gospel directed toward the     JEWS    .
    2. Emphasis: Jesus accurately fulfilled OT prophecy as the Messiah and therefore He IS the Messiah; it is CORRECT to believe that Jesus is the Christ.
    3. Christ is presented as having a well thought-out plan.
      1. Matthew 20:28—Why He came
      2. Matthew 10:5-6—Initial offer of Kingdom to Israel only
      3. Matthew 16:18—I will build my Church
  2. Mark: Jesus Is the Messiah In Action; He is An      ACHIEVER     Whose Works Prove He is the Messiah.
    1. The word sometimes translated, “immediately” is used 42 times.
    2. Gospel directed toward the     ROMANS    .
    3. Christ proved Himself as the Messiah by doing the works that only the Messiah could do.
    4. Christ: on the move (Mark 1:38)
  3. Luke: Jesus is the Messiah As Demonstrated By His Divine Relationship To Others; He Was A Man of the People, A     RELATER    .
    1. He was the modern equivalent of a journalist (Luke 1:1-4).
    2. Gospel directed toward the     GREEKS    .

    3. Christ was NOT an isolated mystic, but with the people.

    4. Luke 19:10
  4. John: Jesus is the Messiah Because He is Clearly God in the Flesh, A Messiah Who Loves; He is A Divine     FEELER    .
    1. John, the youngest of the Apostles (John 21:20)

    2. Gospel directed toward the Church, specifically to fight heresy.

    3. Key verse: John 20:28

    4. Christ was fully human, but His divine love proves His deity. He is both God and man.
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