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Biblical/Doctrinal Studies:
Focus on Jesus Series

Basic "FACTS" Regarding Christ's Ministry
by Ed Vasicek

  1. Timeline

    Although the dates and duration of Christ’s ministry are matters of debate, I endorse the conclusions of Harold Hoehner’s book, Chronological Aspects in the Life of Christ. His “ministry” would have been about 3½ years. The Bible does NOT say Christ was 30 when He began preaching, but ABOUT 30; so Luke did not know his exact age. Hoehner would place him at 33 or 34.

  2. Outline of Ministry (with primary sources)
    1. His Birth and Childhood: Matthew and Luke
    2. Preparation for His Ministry (John the Baptist, etc.): All 4
    3. The Early Ministry (Woman at well, Nicodemus, Wedding at Cana): John
    4. The Great Galilean Ministry: Matthew and Mark
    5. The Special Training of the Twelve Apostles: Matthew and Mark
    6. The Later Judean Ministry: Luke and John
    7. The Later Perean Ministry: Luke 10-19
    8. The Last Days in Jerusalem and Resurrection: All 4
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