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Biblical/Doctrinal Studies:
Focus on Jesus Series

A Woman Who Knew How to Listen
Notes on Matthew 26:1-13
by Ed Vasicek

Do you know how to listen to others, and more importantly, to God?

  1. Among the People Jesus Addressed, Many Heard But Few Listened.

    1. His disciples did not really listen though He spoke of His coming death repeatedly.

      1. Passages in Matthew 16:21, 17:22; 20:18-19; and 26:1-2.

      2. They heard WORDS, but did not grasp the meaning.
    2. The chief priests plotted, but did not really understand.
      Note a previous conversation in John 7:20-21.

    3. Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus, was the ONLY one who understood Jesus was going to die (John 12:2-8).
  2. What Made Mary Different?
    1. She found TIME to listen (story of Mary and Martha); an eager learner.
      —teacher honored for her aggressive motivation to learn...
      —MARY was self-motivated, or more accurately, Spirit motivated.

    2. A matter of priority.

    3. Willingness to first UN learn to remove paradigm blindness.
  3. The Ministry Mary Had Because She Had Listened.
    1. Ultimate act of WORSHIP.

    2. Had the honor of edifying, preparing and strengthening CHRIST for the horrible trauma that lay ahead in two days.

People who listen can worship more deeply and be used more of God. People who don't listen lose much of what could have been.

Pastor Ed

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