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About Us:
We Believe

Highland Park Church is a non-denominational, evangelical church. We try to be true to the Scriptures (Bible-believing) while at the same time allowing freedom in extra-Scriptural matters (steering away from legalism). We are not high pressured, do not press for contributions and not particular about styles of dress.

We believe in the fundamentals of the faith:

  • the inerrancy/inspiration of the Bible in the original manuscripts
  • the birth of Christ while Mary was yet a virgin
  • the dual nature of Christ: He is both God and man
  • the death of Jesus on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins so God could forgive us
  • His literal, physical resurrection from the dead
  • His Second coming
  • the Trinity: one God in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • salvation by grace through faith and repentance, not by good works or sacraments
  • a literal heaven and hell.

See also our detailed beliefs (Constitution, Section II).

SINCE 1996


Highland Park Church
516 West Sycamore Street
Kokomo, Indiana, USA