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The mission of Highland Park Church is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to connect believers to one another and to God, and to deepen them in their Christian walk.

Special Services:
     Good Friday Communion Service, Apr 19, 6 p.m.—
     Resurrection Sunday (Easter) Services, Apr 21—
          8:30 a.m.: Shorter Early Service
          10:30 a.m.: Main Morning Service
     Be our guest!

Sunday Sermon Series:
     Apr-July 2019—
          Christianity for Western Thinkers: Sin and Salvation (Romans 1-5)

Special Features of 2019
     Last Sunday of each month: Dr. Peter Roussakis will share the story of a composer or hymn and accompany the congregation in singing that hymn or one by the composer. Peter has a doctorate in music, with piano his instrument of specialty.

Latest Sermons:
     Audio via Sermon.net,
     Text via SermonCentral.

Pastor Ed Vasicek
Hold everything! This is not your ordinary church website. Although we admit part of why we are on the web is to market our church, this site is primarily dedicated to minister to many people at various levels of spiritual maturity.

We do this through a growing collection of home-grown articles and Biblical and Doctrinal study materials with an emphasis upon the Jewish roots of our Christian beliefs. We feature a prayer page with hundreds of prayers written for evangelical believers, a link to hundreds of our sermons, and a link to hundreds of my personal book reviews.

Our doctrinally solid materials will stimulate your thinking, help get your prayer life jump-started, educate you in Biblical teaching, show you the way of salvation, teach you about rearing your children, or perhaps challenge you to rethink some common misconceptions. Whether you are a seeker, a new believer, or a seasoned leader, we have something to offer you.

If you want a broader overview, feel free to visit our site map. Otherwise, pick a link on the left and explore. If you are interested in our church as a potential visitor, start with About Us. If you are a leader and your church is preparing a new constitution, check out our constitution for ideas. If you are looking for creative youth activities, visit our Youth section and see what we are doing. (See also Camp Emmanuel's own dedicated site.)

We are out to serve the greater body of Christ. If you have questions, suggestions, or words of encouragement, please feel free to e-mail me at church@highlandpc.com. Enough already. Get that mouse in hand and start clicking away.

God bless,
Pastor Ed
Pastor Ed Vasicek


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